About the Fratello Marionettes

The Fratello Marionettes has been entertaining audiences through the art of marionettes since 1989.

The company continues the tradition of classic marionette performances. All the puppets you see in The Fratello Marionettes’ repertoire are conceptualized and built by the puppeteers themselves, with painstaking attention to detail. Each marionette takes two to three months to create.

The company also collaborates with local symphony orchestras to produce unforgettable performances blending live classical music with the storytelling art of puppetry.

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, The Fratello Marionettes has performed in locations around the world.

Kevin Menegus

Founder, Performer, Builder

Founder Kevin Menegus became intrigued by puppetry after receiving a puppet as a gift, at age six.

Kevin went on to apprentice with some of the leading puppeteers in the country, including Tony Urbano, Bob Baker, Randal Metz and Lewis Mahlmann, learning from them while developing his own unique styles of puppet making and performing.

Kevin holds a Bachelor of Music Degree in Percussion Performance from the University of The Pacific Conservatory of Music. This comes in handy for selecting and orchestrating the right accompaniment for each marionette performance.

Kevin has performed for audiences around the world, including entertaining guests on several major cruise lines.

Samantha Lake

Performer, Builder

Samantha Lake is an alumna of Mills College, having recently acquired her bachelor’s degree in Theater. She has studied acting at the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco, and loves to be onstage. An entertainer at heart, Samantha also enjoys painting in her free time. Her interest in art and performance has developed into a growing fascination
with puppetry.

Olivia Reed

Performer, Builder

Olivia Reed began her career in puppetry at the Storybook Puppet Theater at Children’s Fairyland. Her passion for storytelling, crafts, and art led her to The Fratello Marionettes, where she is honing her building and performing skills.

Olivia studied painting, illustration, sculpture and screen printing at Oberlin College, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in English literature and studio art.

“Just watching the children’s eyes light up as each new puppet appears and hearing their belly laughs as the characters go through their paces does this party planner’s heart good!”

— Sophie M.

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